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Admissions Consulting .

College admission is one of the most important steps to getting into your college of your dreams. Mr. understands this process can be stressful and frustrating, especially when you are faced with so many nuances in the admissions process. Let Mr. Will guide you through a customized roadmap for your studies abroad and boost your chances of getting into your dream school!
Who Should Take The WILLGETYOUIN.COM Service?
Those undergraduate and graduate students that are applying to U.S., Canadian, and international universities/colleges.
Program Coverage
  • Develop a customized and strategic plan towards admission into the universities of your choice.
  • Assess the student’s credentials, identify his/her strengths to highlight and fill in missing gaps in achievements
  • Groom the student’s academic and extracurricular profile
  • Design the standardized testing timeline
  • Plan effective strategies for summer vacations and breaks
  • Recommend colleges / universities that are suited to the student’s background and preferences
  • Advise on applying through early admissions
  • Provide comprehensive essay writing assistance, from helping the student choose the best topics to write about to thorough editing of essay structure and grammar
  • Administer extensive interview preparation with mock interviews and detailed feedback
  • Develop guidelines for student's profile sheet and letters of recommendations    Conduct a final review of the application before submission
Free 20-Minute Personal Consultation

We understand the importance of establishing a good match. That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of the free 20-minute consultation to get insights into your competitiveness for certain programs while testing out your compatibility with the consultant.


We offer a competitive package plan for undergraduate and graduate students. Please contact Mr. Will for pricing.

  • IMPORTANT: When student enters our programs, he or she understands that there are no refunds of any kind when student and/or parent chooses to withdraw from the program for any reason.