International College Consulting Program-SKYPE

International College Consulting Program-SKYPE

Mr. Will and have begun a very successful and efficient college consulting SKYPE program. From the leisure of your own home, office, or class, Mr. Will can provide all college counseling sessions in real time. I am here in my office always but my clients are often not. Many times in international cities or towns, distance and traffic become major issues coupled with real security concerns for some clients make my new College Consulting program ideal for the international student. Consultation is the first step in our college admissions strategy process. This Initial Consultation helps students develop a strategic plan for how and where to spend limited time during their high school years to differentiate their application profile and best position themselves for the college admissions process.

Contact me now via Skype, email, or telephone for your free college counseling program.

SKYPE NAME: willgetyouin

CELL PHONE: (502) 5 318 1764